By: Nolan Wadsworth

GUELPH – In a dramatic turn of events, Bob Tulap, regional director of Guelph Transit has announced that the controversial public service will be ceasing all operations by the end of the month.

“We are well aware of the spotlight we’ve been given. Overhauling a lot of our programmes had mixed reviews. We at Guelph Transit have taken in the feedback we’ve read on Overheard at Guelph and that’s why we have decided to take all buses off the roads and retreat from the public eye for a while”.

Tulap later mentioned that his feelings were hurt by the comments left by members of the community who voiced a lot of their concerns on Overheard. These hurt feelings served at the underlying motivation for barring the doors and torching the buses.

Bob, a 57-year old man who recently just got a dial-up connection decided to join Facebook, as no one was contacting the office itself to voice their complaints about drivers and was rather surprised to discover cat memes and just how horrible people could be.

Bob fought in the war and mentioned he’s burned down villages that were less spiteful than Overheard at Guelph but remains hopeful that before the official torching of the bus line, people will reach out to him.
Telephone: 519-822-1811
TTY: 519-837-5731
Fax: 519-822-1322


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