By: Jack Fisher

Local bartenders are waiting for you to finish your last drink and leave. One bartender, Lisa, said “C’mon [your name], you’ve been here for hours and it’s, like, 11:30pm. All you have to do is pay. The bar is totally empty.”

Minutes of intense staring were paired with toe-tapping and sideways glances as you continued to watch the newest episode of Rick and Morty on your phone. And then the next one.

When asked for comment, the manager of the Brass Taps said “this happens a lot. Sometimes it’s this specific individual, sometimes it’s a group of people who don’t know when they should leave.”

The employees acknowledge that the situation gets worse when there is more than one group of students who continue to hang around the bar. In these cases, other students will sometimes knock on the door to the bar expecting to be let in, even when the doors are closed and locked and the alcohol has all been measured and put away.

One student who has tried to get in after hours, Jeanie, said “but I saw people sitting there. I don’t even drink. All I wanted was some fries and maybe a platter of nachos to share with my friends.” When it was pointed out that it was 11:30pm when she wanted food she followed up with “well, Mountain is open until 12:00am, but I like Taps food better.”

At the time of writing, you still haven’t left and a server is approaching your table to ask if you need anything else at all.


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