By: Oren Bowes

If there is one thing that University of Guelph students and faculty care about, it’s the quality of their door stops.

The Modern Spirit got an exclusive (and impactful) look into what constitutes a good door stop for University students and faculty and why their choice of door stop is invariably The Ontarion.

Erin McFarthy had this to say when we asked her about why she chooses The Ontarion as her doorstop of choice. “It was just so, like, able to, like, hold my door open without any problems when I moved all my stuff into residence, you know? I could fold it without any, like, problems and it fit perfectly between my door and its frame!”

When we asked for his opinion on the matter of door stops, Professor Micahel Dillon had some choice words to say. “The hinges on my office door happen to be broken and sometimes I need to keep it open to let some fresh air in. When that happens, I just grab an Ontarion and shove it under the door. It has quite the weight to it – especially when there’s a Contrarion issue out. That’s what makes it so perfect for holding my door open.”

After this extensive delve into the opinions of first years on the quality of door stops, The Modern Spirit was able to conclude, with certainty, that The Ontarion is the University of Guelph’s residence-wide top choice for all their door stop needs.


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