By: Nolan Wadsworth

GUELPH – Tuesday, Winter Semester. The 99N bus. Tim Tom, a 2 year Mathematics of Pigs Major found himself in the seats by the steps on the bus headed towards the University for his morning lecture on “Instructor- Student Etiquette 1000” with Edward Hedican when the bus reached Solstice.

“I had a feeling something was just not going to be right today”, says Tim Tom, no relation to Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston. Hordes of tired students descended upon the bus while crushing Old Lady Margaret Thatcher, who is actually just the deceased English Prime Minister in hiding.

Tim Tom noticed his friends’ friend Sam Sung board the bus, but they were separated by the endless crowd of underdressed 20-something’s. A pivotal moment occurred when Sam looked around the bus idly, and almost made eye contact with Tim. They didn’t know each other too well. The two of them would definitely say hi if they saw each other on campus, but they’ve only really exchanged passing remarks about how the semester is going when their mutual friend is around. Tim ducked for cover to avoid the laser eyes of this person who hovers just above stranger, but just below casual acquaintance.

Close Call Tim. Good Job


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