By: Jack Fisher

GUELPH – Louis Dreyfuss spent Wednesday night refreshing his Facebook feed making sure his friends knew that he was too busy doing homework to hang out with them.

For almost a week, in a group message on Facebook, Louis’ friends had been trying to figure out a good day to hang.

Early on Wednesday afternoon, the group-chat determined via Doodle poll that they were all free in the evening. Emily Richards, the one person who wasn’t in the group when someone messaged everyone else at the same time last year, suggested that the lot of them attend Aggie pub in the University Centre. Not a fan of Aggie Pub (or Emily), Louis half-heartedly counter-offered that the friends could attend Disney Trivia at McCabe’s Irish Pub downtown Guelph.

Unfortunately for him, the online gaggle of familiars decided to go to the Agricultural student’s weekly romp. Louis responded by informing them that he had too much homework to finish and he would have to back out of the so-called “good time” that they had planned.

As a result, Louis spent most of his night jumping between Facebook and Netflix to see how many of his friends had seen his excuse to bail and hoping that someone would respond. Or maybe they’d post a picture of Aggie pub. “Or maybe Caroline would stay back just to hang out with me” he would whisper to himself as Fred Armisen’s voice from Portlandia played in the background.

At no point did anyone respond to Louis. His friend Max said “Louis does this all the time. He’s really not that much fun anymore.”

“yeah, we actually have another chat on Instagram that he’s not a part of. It’s much more fun, and people actually communicate there” said Caroline, “besides, Louis is kind of a creep”

At this point on Thursday morning, the Facebook chat still remains un-replied to.


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