New calendar system developed after students follow CSA agenda


UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH – Mandated accommodations are now being set in place by professors for students following an error of dates in the survival guide given out at the beginning of the year.

Confusion arose when students were receiving day late penalties for assignments even though they were following their calendar. Typically classes and assignments are based upon the Gregorian calendar, however with the introduction of this new calendar, professors have been directed to integrate the new dates into the schedules.

Faculty are now required to present each lecture twice following the respective dates to each calendar. In addition, students who hand in assignments late will have deductions given based on their preferred calendar.

“I had to find a way to change everything. I deleted the calendars on my computer and phone since it wouldn’t let me put in the new proper dates. I bought a new bullet journal and rewrote my wall calendar so everything was aligned to my CSA calendar” stated one of the first students who switched to the new calendar.

Students will be required to disclose their preferred calendar system when they accept their enrollment to their program and will be reflected with an alphabetical representation in their student number.


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