The University Centre at the University of Guelph

By: Jack Fisher

Today the College of Arts Student Union (CASU) (the only true student union on campus) decided that enough was enough with the debate over who owned the University Centre and built a shed in the middle of Branion Plaza. They have christened the shed UC2.

“Originally, the UC was a building built by and for students” said UC2 founder and Captain of CASU, Aidan Paskinov, “this building will be fully accessible, up-gradable,and rent-able by any student group”

The Shed appears to have been purchased from Canadian Tire. The executive of the club has stated that they plan to hold a fundraising rally to fund the purchase of the building.

Within hours of the building of the shed, there was a hand-painted wooden sign that read “no Admin allowed” and a roughly painted “UC2” on its exterior.


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