Thousands of new, badly recorded podcasts emerge due to pandemic


Thousands of young people are now trapped in their homes.

Many of these young people, specifically the white males, have been inspired by their access to skype and headphone-microphones.

All of them are at risk of making podcasts.

Due to the recent request from the Canadian government that people stay home if they’re able to. University and College students – traditionally unemployed, and habitually in school – are now at home, or in a rented home with nothing in particular to do.

The recent pandemic-level rise of amateur podcasts is following the path of the legitimate pandemic, COVID-19.

“We’re seeing an exponential growth pattern in new podcasts,” said a data-specialist, Andy Jones, who works at Apple Music, “literally thousands of people across the globe are uploading their first podcast episode.”

Jones says the number of new podcasts being introduced into the nether is following a similar growth pattern to the COVID-19 spread in France.

The # of new Canadian podcasts is similar to the COVID-19 outbreak in France.

“After four days, we’ve seen the number of podcasts grow from four the first day, to 250 in the fourth day of Canadian social-distancing.” Jones says, “we’re expecting this trend to continue and could see tens of thousands of cases… I mean, podcasts… in about ten days.”

Data analysts estimate the increase in new podcast outbreaks is about ten days behind the French COVID-19 trend chart.

Experts warn that, very soon, there might be too much audio content and it will soon overwhelm the iHeartRadio app, and Apple Music waiting rooms.

“We might start to see whole new podcast networks built,” said a radio jockey who listens to the competition, “whole sites built just to support the enormous boredom that is incoming.”

“Those sites will probably close after the pandemic subsides,” said Darren Wilson, podcast connoisseur, “they won’t be well built, but will have served their purpose.”

At the time of writing, Ontario is reporting 85 new podcasts, and expecting an exponential jump to a few thousand early next week.


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