Josh Coleman is making decisions with a d20 these days, and he just rolled a natural 1.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Canadians to practice social distancing and reduce contact with other people. With St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, that might not be easy for everyone.

“I’m a sucker for roleplaying games,” said Coleman. “I’m gonna miss D&D if I can’t play it for a few weeks, so I figured I’d just role on my life decisions.”

In Dungeons and Dragons, players roll a 20 sided-die that allows the players to determine the outcome of actions their character makes.

Monday afternoon, Coleman read a story about Ezra Street in Waterloo and decided to see if he would go.

“If I was thinking about this logically, I would probably stay away from crowds”, he said, “So I set my DC on this choice at DC 5, but with a natural 1, well… That’s a critical fail.”

Police, fire, health officials, and governments are asking people to avoid St. Patrick’s day festivities, but many university students are still planning to show up, and party.

At least one of those people increasing their chance of getting the coronavirus will be out there because he failed his dice role.


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