Small rooms


You walk carefully down the hall to one of the two smaller rooms on that end of the hall.

You push one of the doors open. It’s hard to tell what’s in the room, so you tentatively step in.

This room looks just like Creelman Hall! It definitely didn’t look this big from the outside. The lady who works the cash says “cash or student card?” Looking down at the Harvey’s burger on the tray that you’re suddenly holding, you offer her your credit card like you normally do (not even questioning the oddity of this scenario). She says “we don’t take credit. Only cash or student card.” Your money holder is traditionally devoid of cash so you half-heartedly offer her your student card. You know it’s running low, but you hope it has some juice left.

The card gets swiped and she looks at you. The screen shows that there isn’t enough balance to pay for the burger in your hand. Suddenly, you’re starving. All you want is to eat this Harvey’s burger. In the back of your mind you remember that Creelman hasn’t had a Harvey’s since early 2013.

The cash around you morphs into a flaming grill. You’re on the grill. No. You’re not just on the grill, you’re a patty. You try to scream, but you have no mouth. No eyes…

No thoughts.


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