By: Jarin Pintana

Canada’s hottest brunch trend has taken people by storm. It’s been described as “the most brilliantly obvious idea since avocados on toast, and feminism”.

We live in an era where it’s becoming harder and harder to impress people with unique food ideas. From the cronut, to sushi burritos, egg bubble tea, and unicorn frappuccinos- we’ve seen it all. Until now.

Imagine you’re out on a brunch date. It’s a wholesome Sunday morning, the sun is shinning and the air feels fresh. Birds chirp playfully in the background, hinting at the wondrous culinary journey for which you’re about to embark. You really want to impress your date, and sure enough as your plate is brought to the table they are completely nonplussed. A crisp Canadian 100 dollar bill is placed in front of you, complete with a side of maple syrup.

That’s right, you heard it here first. People are eating the alleged “maple scented” 100 dollar bills. The best part of this trend is that it is so exclusively Canadian. Rumour has it that Oprah spent 1.5 hours in Vancouver just to try it. Other celebs spotted trying the tasty treat include Ryan Reynolds, Celine Dion and even The Biebs himself – who was quoted saying, “I find the whole thing too rich and usually only finish half… but it’s still a new brunch favourite of mine.”

Though there has been some concern as to the impact this will have on the economy, food critics are saying that it will all be worth it, in the name of brunch.

You can get the $500 “plat d’argent de fantaisie” at only a few select locations in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Mistaken Point, and the Royal Canadian Mint.


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