“I will work a lot harder next semester” says lying student


By: Jack Fisher and Edward Willems

GUELPH – Gabriel Potts is a typical university student… and a liar.

This week, The Modern Spirit sent out a poll to returning students to gauge the population that made school-based new year’s resolutions and how many have repeated the same resolutions multiple times.

Although not many responses were returned those that we did get back reflect a widespread apathy. Based on our statistics, it appears that, although many students say that they will try to do better at school in the winter semester, any don’t bother with the “increased workload” aspect of “doing better.”

Those students, like Gabriel, who have learned how to coast achieve roughly the same grades as the semester previously. Additionally, when making these resolutions, students are likely to know exactly what they will or won’t achieve – making those who know they will not try harder but say they will, liars.


“I just need to get better at managing my time” said Jane Renuli, “ I’m going to try actually using my Google calendar this semester”

Statistically, Jane is probably also a liar.

At the end of the day, only time will tell who is a real liar and who does better, but we have graphs, so that must count for something.


NOTE: all statistics shown are based on a survey of only 5 students.


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