By: Jack Fisher

GUELPH – A new study released by the department of political science at the University of Guelph found that, in a surprising twist, every student on campus had a detailed knowledge of what their student union did.

The Central Student Association has long suffered from chronic “working behind the scenes” and “not always being in the spotlight.” In fact, often times when the student body pays attention en-masse it is because of some minor scandal or tuition increase.

It turns out that exactly 100% of students realize that the CSA has an auxilary fee that supports entertainment initiatives like Sunday Night Cinema, Noon Hour Concerts, and a variety of collaborations with CFRU and the City of Guelph.

Some of the many things that exactly “all” of the respondents to the study seemed to know almost off-hand were:

Vegan and vegetarian options shall be made available at all CSA events and meetings where food is served. Every effort shall be made to include gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher and halal options and shall be made available at all CSA events and meetings where food is served.

The CSA is Local 54 in the CFS (Canadian Federation of Students), and have committed to supporting the latter’s campaigns including the “challenge” initiative and bottled water free campus.

That the CSA board of directors includes exactly 35 people and consists of the four executive, 2 elected undergrads from each college, 1 appointed director from each college, as well as one each of; a Indigenous Student Representative (ASA), a Racialized Student Representative (GBSA), a LGBTQ Student Representative (GQE), a Women Student Representative (GRCGED), an International Student Representative (ISO), a Residence Student Representative (IHC), a Guelph Campus Co-op rep, an OPIRG person, and one spot for both the Student Senate Caucus and Board of Governors.

This was all very surprising information since students often claim to not know what the CSA does or how they purport to represent the student body. It could also be assumed now that many, if not all, students know exactly how many committees the CSA executives sit on and how their voices are heard around campus talking about the betterment of the university experience for the student body.

What an awesome study!


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