You are curious about why there is a door labelled “ECON” in the kitchen. What could it mean? Economy? Environmental Carbon of Nuclear-waste? Economics? (nah).

You open the door, full of vigour. There is more light. A good sign!

Before you is a room full of tables. Folding tables. Covered in pencil scrapes and ripped paper. Somehow you’ve walked into a replica of the old Main Gym of the Athletic Centre. Your favourite professor walks over to you. You’re shocked that they are here. Is this their home? DO they practice administering exams? Is this part of a professor’s job-prep?

“[your name]! You missed the exam! What happened?” You have no idea what’s happening, but for some reason you feel your mouth move as your voice says “I slept in.”

“Unacceptable!” Says the Spider creature in front of you. It has the head of your favourite professor and the body of a great big spider. The creature is three times your size. Suddenly, the tables are gone and so is the gym. The last thing you see is the giant mandibles closing in on your face as hairy spider legs grapple with your limp body.



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