Seniors outraged after local man dies

His home was bridge meeting place


By: Jack Fisher

GUELPH – Brian and Carly Winker were up in arms yesterday. The Winker’s were the primary organizers of a small protest outside of Bud’s Funeral Home on Dublin Street.

The protest coincided with the funeral of Alfred Bigsby, a respected community member and avid lawn protector. (Ed. Bigsby’s obituary can be found in the local print paper as per his dying request – an act to get his grandkids to “read a damn paper”).

The Winker’s and some local seniors including old Mrs. Winchester and Tom Dunkirk – among others – held signs that held slogan like “he can’t go yet,” “who’s going to host bridge now?” and “Fuck you Al, this is because you won last time.”

All in all the protest was very disruptive. A local Boy Scout (also Bigsby’s grandson) was able to mitigate the situation by slowly helping the protesters cross the road.

In related news, the local bridge group is looking for a new host.


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