Breaking: For first time Conservatives speak against racism

For the first time ever, Conservatives supporters speak out against racism


Voters all over Canada were shocked today by a photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface. None were as disappointed as Conservative voters, who are known for their fierce activism against racism.

“Blackface is a symbol of systemic racism” stated Tom Jefferies, quoting his liberal friend’s recent Facebook post, on which he commented “in my day there weren’t so many snowflakes” just three days ago. Jefferies went on to say “Justin Trudeau needs to apologize- but make no mistake, an apology is not enough to get away with this kind of bigotry that I definitely have never perpetrated at my annual cinco de mayo fiesta.”

Other white men with two first names such as Bob James, and Jack Martin agreed.

Andrew Scheer was unavailable for comment as he was busy accepting the apologies of his own racist candidates.


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