Like this except tons of different colours.

You head toward what you can only assume is the master bedroom. It has two great big doors and is alone at this end of the hallway. You shove open the doors like Aragorn entering Théoden’s hall… and stop dead.

This room is colourful. The night’s bright moon is shining through the window illuminating the massive bedroom. But the colours. Nothing seems right. Everything is a mis-spotted pigment. The room looks like something out of a ‘90’s kids show.

You take a step into the bizarre room. The four-poster is purple and maroon, the dresser is yellow and green, the door to the bathroom at the far end is a bright magenta.

The double door slams behind you. And a voice whispers “you could float too”

A shiver of dread runs down your spine, you spin around and, yep!, it’s Pennywise.

  1. Respond?
  2. Try to run and jump out the wonderful bay-window to get away from the murder-clown.
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