Woman caught doing something silly in public still remembers embarrassment years later


By: Jack Fisher

Ten years ago Martha Kubric was on a bus. While on the bus, Martha let rip one gigantic fart.

Today, Martha woke up vividly remembering the moment and sweating with embarrassment. Do the people who were on the bus remember her? Is it possible that that one embarrassing moment could still have some impact right now?

Although Martha does not know it, the man she was sitting beside that fateful day died of pneumonia three years afterwards. His death was probably unrelated, but do not let anyone tell Martha because: what if it was her fault?

When she went to work today, Martha was certain that everyone in her office knew about her dream. Robert in the cubicle across from her looked pretty suspicious as he asked how she was doing when they ran into each other at the coffee machine, and Jan at the front desk had a slightly different glare than she normally does.

To Martha’s chagrin, everyone knows about her embarrassing moment because she has been talking about it all day.


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