What about that fog, eh?


By: Nolan Wadsworth

GUELPH – The University of Guelph experienced a massive environmental disaster yesterday and not a single person noticed, except for Gaius Frogerson who bravely stood up during a class in Rozanski and proudly asked “what about that fog, eh?”.

The students in the class exchanged confused glances as they hadn’t really taken in the seriousness of the matter. Another brave, still Unnamed (it turns out their parents still haven’t decided on a name) student responded that “oh yeah it’s wild. Guess that’s the weather though”. The rest of the conversation consisted of small talk about how cold/warm it’s been. It eventually fizzled out when Gaius made up an excuse to leave.

Prior to that question, no one had taken note of the fog that obscured everything beyond a 30ft cone of vision. Thank you Gaius for bringing it up.


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