Damon Raleigh from Burlington, Ontario is bunkered down as he waits for this “whole thing to blow over.”

On Thursday afternoon, Raleigh reluctantly headed to his local Costco supercentre to stock up. He purchased four hundred and eighty rolls of toilet paper.

“I’ve never really been a prepper, but I’ve always been fascinated by those guys with their bug-out bags full of very useful supplies,” Raleigh said. “So when I went into Costco, I was basically looking for a bug-in bag situation.”

“except,” he added, “I realized I have a whole house and not just the one bag, so I may as well fill up the extra space.”

“It’s like my own bunker,” said Damon.

By Friday afternoon, and with all public sports, events, schools, and community center’s shuttering their doors for the next week or two Raleigh says he felt a bit lost.

“I had to reconnect with my inner youth. What did I used to do when there was nothing to do?” he said.

He decided to build a fort in his front hallway. Raleigh also managed to acquire a few hundred tubes of Lysol wipes (which make a geat roof) at the Costco, so he had more than enough material for a super-dope hallway fort.

“It’s super dope,” said Raleigh, “I can read my old Animorphs books, and listen to Sum 41.”

He says the best part is that he lives on his own now and his mom can’t tell him to go to bed when it gets late.

“I can stay in my fort all night. I’m on top of the world,” he said.

When asked if he was likely to use all of the TP he purchased, he says no. “I’ll never get through all this toilet paper, but it might make a good prank or something,” he said. ” I just have so much free time for activities.”


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