TMS Cooking: Episode 1 The Spicy Sandwich


Cuisine is our special hobby here at The Modern Spirit.
In this episode, our Editor-in-Chief makes a special sandwich that you can make at home.

4 Unico Pepperoncini Peppers
8 Bicks Slices of Beets
1 Kraft – All Canadian Cheese – slice
1 Oakrun Farms english muffin

  1. First, pull out some beets and peppers.
  2. Slice the tops off of the peppers.
  3. Put the beets and peppers on a pan with some PAM spray
  4. split the English muffin in two, and toss that bad boy in the toaster.
  5. Now make sure the beets are the least soggy. I know they were soaked in a lot of vinegar, but keep that on the DL.
  6. The english muffin will finish first. As soon as it’s done toss the Kraft Single on top.
  7. Watch the cheese melt.
  8. Get shocked because you forgot to check the pan.
  9. Things are getting crispy on the pan, flip some of it around
  10. Flip it more
  11. Why is it not as crispy as you want?
  12. YOLO
  13. Take the peppers and beets that are mostly good, and put them on the cheese-half of the english muffin.
  14. Put the dry-half of the english muffin on the wet-half.
  15. Make sure nothing falls off. IF IT FALLS OFF THE MUFFIN ITS WORTHLESS.
  16. Pat the top of the muffin. GOOD MUFFIN. KEEP IT INSIDE.
  17. Take a bite!


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