By: Jack Fisher

There is a very important message hidden under the layers of complicated plot in the first installment of the Jurassic Park series.

To find the hidden meaning The Modern Spirit took a close look at the movie, scene by scene, and this is what we found.

If we take the two most quoted phrases from Jurassic Park:

“Life finds a way”
“Hold on to your butts”.

Then take the imagery presented by the presence of the dinosaur poop:

The location of the origin of the poop is important, it ties the Sam Jackson quote in to Jeff Goldblum (pictured, and the speaker from the first phrase)

Now, hidden, as said, under the guise of comedic relief, these three parts cater to a need we have as humans to make fun of ourselves and acknowledge the fact that everything we eat will be pooped out. That’s life, and Life is full of butts.

The last step in this investigation is the most critical. We have highlighted the key letters that led to the overall conclusion that Jurassic Park tries to have us reach for ourselves:

Life finds a way, Hold on to your butts.

That’s right!

“LIFE IS BUTTS” – Jurassic Park


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