Hospitality announces The Dirty Griddle (formerly Daily Grind)


By: Jack Fisher

The coffee shop in the University Centre, also the home of the Booster Juice, is getting a new name. Formerly known as the Daily Grind, the Dirty Griddle is Hospitality’s answer to the Bullring.

Starting two years ago, all of the comfortable seating from the LA Pit was moved to the UC. This seems to have attracted more students, so to go along with the aesthetic change, they’re also revamping the menu!

The Dirty Griddle will feature greasy delights like the Gryphon Triple Down and MacNuggets. The Booster Juice will stay in the same spot, but is now required to only wash their blender containers once a day with the hope that the new flavours created by mixing the dregs of the previous student’s order will be a Bertie Botts beans-type hit.

The Dirty Griddle will be replacing The Daily Grind

The official name comes from the provost of the university, Charlotte Yates, herself!
“It just seems like a better name I thought” said the provost when asked. “much easier to remember if I do say so myself.”

Students can expect the rebranding to be up and running at the start of the winter semester.


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