By: Jack Fisher

GUELPH – When Russell Wrightman came to work this morning he encountered the brutal revelation that his chosen line of work may not be what he was looking for.

Working as an accountant has been Russell’s dream since he realized that numbers were easy and he didn’t want to try too hard in school.

After getting a summer internship with Bankers United, the continuing monotony of data entry and paper work forced the realization upon Russell that “maybe work isn’t like it is on TV.”

Even though there aren’t any cool TV shows about accountants Russel still imagined being an intern for one would be kinda like being on Law and Order.

At the time of writing, with only ¾ of his work term left to go, Russell has spent the last 2 hours switching between staring at his pen, throwing balls of paper at the ceiling and looking longingly at his friend’s travel pictures on Facebook.


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