Canadians think Jagmeet Singh set to solve racism


This week, thanks to an onslaught of interviews and pressing race themed questions, Jagmeet Singh has been in the spotlight to solve racism in Canada.

“It’s important to listen to racialized voices right now” said
generic voter Marion Tate. “I’m so glad Singh is able to speak for all people of colour”

Others expressed their thanks for Singh absolving them of their white guilt.

“If Jagmeet accepts Trudeau’s apology, I will too” said Sam Green, political science major, who knows no other people of colour.

“If there’s anyone who can give us the go ahead to feel better about this whole thing, it’s Jagmeet”.

On the campaign trail, Elizabeth May eagerly awaited the opportunity to speak for all women, while Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau re-examined their dimples and old photo albums respectively.


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