Selective focus Student filling out answers to a test with a pencil.

GUELPH – Over 2,000 students who were set to write midterm examinations and quizzes next week will now have to wait until further notice to fill in the bubble.

A shortage of Scantron sheets has meant that students have no way to complete multiple choice questions.

“To place an order with Scantron, you are given a booklet and a Scantron sheet to complete. We didn’t have a 2B pencil on hand, so we completed the sheet using a pen. We incorrectly filled out the bubble and only ordered 400 sheets instead of 4,000. We tried to cross out the incorrect option with an X, but there clearly was an error in how the Scantron was read”.

When given the option to have students circle the answer on the test booklet, it was felt that there would be too much room for error and misinterpretation for answers.

With no alternative way to complete tests, students will now have to wait up to two weeks until the next scanner becomes available so a new order of Scantron sheets can be placed.


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