Uncle Rick the one who definitely gave you the flu over the holidays


By: Jack Fisher

As the holidays come to an end, it is important to look back at both the positives and negatives of the season.

The good things are overwhelming this time of year: you won the gift swap game that you always hate going to, your secret Santa actually looked at your wish list, you got a fire selfie at the Toronto Christmas market, and you weren’t super hung over this year on New Year’s Day.

However, there was also a downside to the break. You are one hundred percent sure that Uncle Rick is the one who got you sick. Even though you were able to power through the gift swaps and the family dinner, you would have been much happier without the bitter head cold.

When he first came over on December 19th sneezing and wheezing you were very confident that your immune system would back you up and you didn’t shy away from giving him a welcoming hug and helping to set up his bed. However, on the 22nd when you felt that tickle in your throat, you started cursing him for being sick and your own innards for betraying you to this yearly cold.

If only you had gotten the flu shot.

Fret not, friend. If this is your experience, there are at least thirty-two more people who feel the same way. Also you all have an uncle named Rick. Weird.

Happy New Year!


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