By: Jack Fisher

This week during the first part of elections for various residence hall councils, students were held in their communal meeting spaces much longer than they thought they would be.

Several students, thinking that their unopposed hall council executive position may be in danger, began filibustering speaking long into the night about the evils of the other candidate and how great they would be in the position.

One student in Maritime Hall said, “I came for the free pizza, but I’ve been listening to my roommate ramble on for nearly 7 hours now. I don’t know what he’s so worked up about”. A few other halls faced similar over-the-top situations. In East, every wall in the building was pasted with the face of the candidate running for social coordinator, but is also running unopposed.

In Lennox-Addington the President of the hall has taken over the council meeting room and will not let the students leave, or run, until there is absolute understanding across the hall about the rules of parliament in all of Canada, the U.S. and Venezuela – just in case they’d like to use some of those techniques in their campaigns.


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