By: Jack Fisher

New research suggests that pizza is the ultimate super food.

Considerations have been made for the fact that pizza can sometimes be rather greasy. But the real message coming out of studies is, like, what about the veggies?

The food pyramid, something everyone learns about in grade school, is part of our national consciousness. When pizza is thrown into that mix it basically covers all the bases.

A good well-rounded pizza has cheese, vegetables, some form of protein (beans, or meat), and bread.

On the other hand, superfood is the kind of food that you can eat for days and be totally nutritionally satisfied. Scientists around the world who focus on food – mainly the flavour – have determined that pizza (from the gourmet places) is the most potently healthy food the human body can consume.

So call up that pizza place, or order online, and chomp down on a slice on your road to being the healthiest person in the world. #SuperFood


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