By Jack Fisher

This week, the big superhero franchise announced their new movie, All of The Heroes 1.

This movie will definitely be a hit, since it will include inside jokes from at least 12 different superheroes and, like, 80 different characters.

Some people watch Television, there are other people who watch these superheroes do movies. It is as of yet unclear which one of the two forms of entertainment needs more commitment.

“Who’s that guy” said one viewer, “he looks kinda like the strong guy from that one Netflix show, but I don’t think it’s the same actor.”

General confusion was drowned out by all of the fan freak outs that happened this week.

“there are just too many fans”, said a studio executive for Superheroes who graciously answered our call, “we’re just too big to fail at this point, the whole world is nerds and we are the monarchs.”

At this point in time Disney is slated to become the number one country in the world based on their entertainment monopoly’s GDP. The only issue with this achievement is their status as a company. It’s only a matter of time until we’ll be able to move to The United Nations of the Disney Corporation permanently.


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