GUELPH – The first documented occurrence of a millennial getting up and leaving on the first time they say they have to leave happened last Tuesday. Typically it takes about six or seven times of saying “I have to go” before a millennial will actually get up and leave.

Hindered by scrolling mindlessly through social media while conversation continues around them, it can take up to a full hour for someone to build up the motivation to leave. With each instance at saying “I have to go”, they become slightly closer to actually leaving, but for many of the attempts, remain where they are.

The closest anyone has come to leaving when they actually intend to is on the third announcement of saying they have to go.

Taking several attempts to leave has become habitual it is now often considered into the amount of travel time needed to get from location A to location B. As a result of being the first person to depart when initially intended to, they were nearly a full half hour early for their next engagement.


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