Mexico has raised concerns about the Mexico/US border.

Some in the Mexican government officials have suggested erecting a barricade along their northern border to keep American tourists back.

“They’re bringing disease, they’re bringing drugs.” said one government official “Some, I’m sure are good people.”

The statement came as Mexico increases security along the US border and crackdown on international travel.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has seen international borders shutting down as countries attempt to deal internally with the recent pandemic.

Many states have legalized some form of drugs and American tourists continue to bring those over the border.

“Since the American government has been so late to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s unsafe for us to allow American’s into the country,” said the Mexican president Andrés Obrador. “We just can’t have those kinds of people crossing our Northern border.”

While Mexico has a cartel issue, many people recognize that many of the problems Mexico have, originate in the state of California.

“Honestly, the whole things feels like karma, you know?” said President Obrador, “it feels good to be able to make these statements, it’s a real power trip.”


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