By: Jack Fisher

It’s been a sad day for the residents of Millville today. Johnny Smith, the son of Mark and Katie Smith, was struck by a car while playing hockey on the road.

While the autopsy has not been completed yet, the crime scene investigator mentioned to the press that he thinks Johnny had become too used to the word “car” protecting him.

Marky Johnson and Ricky Romaine, two of Johnny’s friends who were playing hockey with him at the time of his death said “Johnny yelled “car” like usual and then just stood there like he was on the side of the grass.”
It has been speculated that there may be a limit to how many times a child can yell “car” with fear before they believe they ware invulnerable to the massive hunk of metal that often times spells potential destruction to their young bodies.

The driver of the car would not comment on the situation, but it is assumed that when Mrs. Defshire From Down the Road heard the word “car” yelled from a child’s mouth, she assumed the way was clear. With Marky moving the net and the blurry streaks of the other boys running away, Mrs. Defshire was sure there was no way any child had stayed behind.

It is unclear who is at fault, but the coroners report will tell us more.


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