“I saw a squirrel!” Excited student recounts entire trip through Arboretum


By: Edward Willems

GUELPH – Emerging from her almost twenty minute trek through the perilous trails of the Guelph Arboretum, local student Amy Tachikawa was eager and excited to regale her entire story to whomever she could. Our reporter happened to be nearby taking pictures of a particularly shaped shrub and happened to have the story thrust upon him.

“Okay so I don’t usually go out walking like this,” Tachikawa began, and without stopping for breath, continued, “but I wanted to get some fresh air you know and get out there see the sights and everybody loves the Arboretum like my friend Sarah went recently do you know Sarah she seems to know everybody but she loves the Arboretum same with Clara! Hey! Their names rhyme! I wonder if that’s why they hang out so much… but anyway I decided to go for my walk in the woods on campus and guess what I saw?! I saw a squirrel! It was the cutest little thing climbing up and down the tree and looking for nuts and digging in the ground and then running back up the tree and then it saw me and we just sat there in silence staring. It was beautiful. I stared at it for twenty minutes. And then I came back! I gotta go tell Sarah!”


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