This is a step-by-step guide of different ways to get your water heated.

At the end of the day, this is only a short list of ways you could heat up your water. Traditionally, people will simply put it in a pot on top of some sort of burner, but after this, you’ll know there are better ways.

The Modern Spirit recommends some of these creative ideas:

1. Tell it you prefer Ice

A big Ice bit

Although water and ice are related, they never seem to like each other much. Water wants to fill the space of the container you put it in, and ice prefers to remain in one shape.
Ice even floats on water and that always pisses water off.

2. Put your water on a gameshow

Water wants to answer, but it doesn’t have a brain

Water gets nervous easily, and when it’s nervous it heats up like a pot of boiling… Tofu.
Game shows that are particularly good at getting water heated are Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.
Water, for all the good it does, doesn’t have very good logical reasoning skills (it’s hard to figure out if it even has a brain).
The easiest way to do this at home is to make your own Jeopardy board. All you need is some paper, a marker and a fake mustache. After the first few rounds, you water will be SO heated.

3. Send it to the gym

Nothing better than boiling pure sweat-water

Like the rest of us, after a good workout water tends to sweat. Unlike the rest of us, who are only 80% water, water is 100% water, so it sweats a lot more.
Send your water to do a spin class or some TRX and we can guarantee that your water will be veritably boiling by the time it’s done. Don’t eave it in the gym for too long though, in this case you do run the risk of turning your water into steam

4. Use centrifugal force to spin the water into a huff

Just like a line dance, swing this pardner round’n’round to get it HOT!

Water gets dizzy easily. All you’ll need to do is swish it around your glass for a while.
This technique works best when you can increase the friction caused by the glass you are using. Try filling the water with jello, this will give it some mass and surface area without turning it into ice.

By: Jack Fisher


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