A killer only when in the hands of a human

By: Jack Fisher

Following the horrific shooting in Las Vegas (EDIT Nov 5/17:Las Vegas) (EDIT2 Feb 14/18:Florida) this past weekend, guns rights activists have come out in droves to continue their campaign for human control.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” was the chant that was heard across the United States of America this week as chapters of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and most of congress organized civilians to march in support of human control.

“We should be limiting how many people other people can make” said the leader of the Washington march, “for every child that is born into this country we are increasing our risk of being killed by a fellow American.”

The NRA’s new campaign is one that seeks to have new parents and immigrants register their children upon birth or entering the country. These stipulations would include: making sure the parents had no criminal records, and were not wanted by any governmental agencies.

The NRA has had much backlash about their stance since critics point out the fact that babies are already registered with their birth certificates, immigrants have papers, and government agencies already keep track of people who could be a hazard to society.

The real issue arising seems to be the fact that although humans are being registered and tracked, the guns they use are not.

Who knows what could happen in the future, keep your eye on the real news and keep it fucking critical.


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