Guelphites never have to hold objects more than “a minute”


Guelph’s Newest Courtesy Bylaw “For a Minute”

The Mayor of Guelph, Cam Guthrie, has called for an emergency meeting of the “Special Deliberation of Geophyte Societal Norms Committee” to discuss his proposal for what he’s calling the “For a Minute” bylaw. This new bylaw is based on the concept of asking someone you’re with to “hold this for a minute will you?”

This new bylaw will compel any and all residents of the City of Guelph to drop any item that they do not own after holding it for the requisite 60 seconds. Mayor Guthrie believes this will promote a stronger sense of citizenry amongst Guelphites.

Mayor Guthrie had this to say when the Modern Spirit approached him for a comment outside Town Hall “All the time I hear people asking others to hold onto their drink or bag “for a minute” while they put their coat on or something. I only ever hear it in passing but I always wonder if those people actually do just hold it for a minute. What if they never get it back!?”

Residents of Guelph can expect a decision to be reached by December 4th, 2017.


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