12 things you can do while waiting for the pandemic to go away


So we’re all stuck at home.
That’s okay.
Here are 12 fun things to do – since we can’t all go to the Winchester – while we wait for this to all blow over…

 1.  Watch Netflix 

Netflix is there. Netflix will always be there. Netflix loves your eyes. Do you love Netflix?
Netflix can help you, scroll Scrollll, WHAT DOST THOU SEEK TO PERUSE?



 2. Watch any other streaming service 

So, there’s no Disney on Netflix, and that’s like half the movies, so you could probably kill some time by watching something else.



 3. Do your job 

Do you still have a job? You could do that. Not as lazy as watching Netflix, I guess, but also less soul-crushing. Thank you for doing your job.



 4. Read a book? 

Oh man, we forgot about books. Books are good. They also need your eyes though, so it’s hard to read while watching Netflix…



 5.  Stare at the wall 

This is good for when you’ve seen too much Netflix and your eyeballs need a little relaxing. Instead of jumping over to your Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing, stare at the wall for 10 minutes.
It’s easier than staring at the sun.



 6.  Aimlessly walk around 

With nowhere to go, the world’s your oyster. You can go for a walk. Not to the store though, that’s dangerous. You could go up the street, or down the road, or around the corner, or over the hill, round the bend, through a hill. There’s only one tree on that hill… Is One Tree Hill on Netflix yet?



 7.  Stay inside

This goes without saying. You don’t have to go outside. You can order food inside, you can order things to be delivered, you can even do jumping jacks and pull ups and stuff. That’s like working out, right… But if you have a job, thank you for doing your job.



 8.  Become Tik Tok famous 

Tik Tok is for kids.
Well, it’s okay.
You may as well just watch the videos, it’s like having a YouTube account.
OR, you could just post one.
That dance looks easy.
OOOO, people liked it may as well post another.



 9.  Develop culinarily skills 

Remember how you told your partner you could cook if only you could find the time? Well, this is time, and it’s found you. So get cooking master chef, next year you’ll be on TV.
Maybe you could get your own Netflix show?
I mean, now that you’re Tik Tok famous, what are you waiting for?



 10.  Learn to be a Bike Archer 

Eggs Comedy has an activity for you! Bike Archery!
You can do this outdoors, and totally self-isolated.
Perfect for any mandatory lockdown.


 11.  Meditate for 8 weeks 

We don’t know how long this thing will last. What if, on the off chance this is the right amount of time, you sat quietly in the dark for 8 weeks?
No Netflix, no job, no archery. Just quiet silence, food, bread, and sleep.
Once you’re done, you can check out Tiger King on Netflix. It’s #Wild



 12.  Crap. We forgot to write a 12 

IDK. Watch Netflix maybe? Or, like, there’s something I’ve heard about called Animal Crossing. Is that anything?


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