The Snow Adoption Agency is under investigation about the deaths of children within some of its many properties.

Basing its adoption practices on the popular TV show A Game of Thrones, children are forced to do battle to determine who will be seen by the prospective parents.

“It’s strengthening their internal fortitude” said Kevin Stork, the owner of Snow’s, “Encouraging the kids to live by the sword or die by the sword is really improving their survivability out there in the wild world, y’know?”
At Snow’s, children are given a weapon of their own choosing when they arrive and are given beginners training on how to use the weapons.

During the blood matches between prospective adoptees, potential parents and caretakers alike may be betting on their favourite to win. If the child wins, they get to be adopted If the family’s choice does not win, they must come back to play again if they want to adopt a different child.


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