By: Calder Schweitzer

A study was released this week showing that, while many students procrastinate doing their schoolwork, an even larger portion of the UofG population is procrastinating finally going to Aggie Pub. When interviewed, student Henry Weaver cited that he “doesn’t listen to that new-age pop-country that they always play”, and that “real country music was made in the 90’s and prior. Anything after that isn’t real country”. Interestingly, the study also concluded that Weaver is the worst kind of person.

One student, who asked to not be named, cited that she was under the impression that “only Aggies were allowed to go, because, you know, it’s called Aggie Pub”. When researches informed her that everyone was allowed at Aggie Pub, regardless of major, the student said that “that was really just an excuse”, and that she “still doesn’t get why they don’t just wait a day and go to the Ranch”.

An interesting correlation was found between students that said they “have attended and/or regularly attend Aggie Pub” and whether or not they included the word “quota” somewhere in their qualitative response. There was also a correlation with the aforementioned answer and the students’ willingness to overpay for a leather jacket.

The most common answer to the qualitative survey was: “I’d like to go at least once, just to say I did before graduation”. The study found that these people were the least likely to ever be seen at PCH on a Wednesday night.


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