By: Jack Fisher

Renowned musician and former 90210 star Drake has purchased a residence in the Royal City.

The popular artist, often referred to as “Drizzy” or “Aubrey”, recently bought a nice old house just west of downtown Guelph.

The residence was formerly owned by George Sleeman, and is one of Guelph’s most prominent historical residences.
The building, currently the host of weekly Sunday service and doubling as a restaurant and entertainment center for the local community called The Manor.

                          The old Sleeman House built in 1859

When questioned about his choice of purchase Drake said “you know, the first time I was there it just seemed like a party. I’d love to continue having parties like that.” Additionally, Drake was asked if he knew that the building was currently a strip club, he responded by saying “ oh wow! That’s cool”. It is unclear whether or not he was able to make the connection between the strip club and his new home.

This purchase and move follows Drake’s recent announcement that he will be hanging up his microphone for good in favour of his pro-basketball-watching career. Guelph City Council is working on rebranding the surrounding area as “The 9ine” so that Drake will feel more at home.


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