By: Jack Fisher

GUELPH – Local Company LTD. is up in arms. Barb from accounting continuously takes nearly ten minutes every time she uses the only photocopier/printer in the office.

Jim from logistics said “Barb is just the absolute worst. She just doesn’t get it”.

Karen from the front desk added “She’s a lovely person. She adores her grandkids and makes fantastic cookies, but she just can’t wrap her head around the damn printer.”

Barb has been known to print double sided pages the wrong way by flipping them horizontally instead of vertically, photocopy the wrong side of the page and spill coffee all over the printer. In fact, nine of the ten people who share the office space with Barb have signed a petition to just get Barb to ask for help instead of doing it on her own.

Barb, being a fiercely independent person, refuses to ask for help even when she has printed the same side of a piece of paper three different times.

At the time of publishing, it appears that Rick from sales has drawn the short stick and will be the one to ask Barb to stop using the printer and taking up so much of everyone else’s time.


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