By: Jack Fisher

Over by Gordon Street, next to the building with the beaver statue sits an old looking garage with a green pole. This garage is the Bike Garage. Inside it they store food, like salted meats, honey, and apple pies.

During the times when students leave campus, secret bands of folks invade the garage part of the Garage Building to build bikes. The bikes they build fit all kinds of people. Once, they built a five wheeled unicycle, and another time, it was a four wheeled tricycle.

Their best bikes are the bikes that have no wheels. Those ones rarely get stolen. They keep these bikes locked up across from the Summerlee Science Complex for display purposes only.

Food Group building. Come here during October to sign up for the CSA Merry Folks

The Bike Garage actually shares its space with the on-campus Food Group. This Food Group helps out the people who have a difficult time getting food (students) to get food (like honey). Once a year, the Food Group dresses up like Anime characters and runs wild in the Guelph community going door-to-door and getting permission from home owners to steal food from their hands.

If you’re interested in learning more, building wild bike-type vehicles, or Robin Hood-ing food from the community, head over to the Bike Garage building and ring their doorbell. Word to the wise, if you don’t know their secret handshake, you may be forced to help fix the green Tool Pole next to their entrance ramp.


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