By: Jarin Pintana

An online, open source document that allows anyone to edit Federal policies has been created and will soon be accessible by anyone in Canada.

“Government is always a hot mess, we’ve decided to try something new” said the official press release from Canadian parliament.

The document, hosted on “Google Docs” is titled, ‘Make a Policy’. Interested civilians can add their input in order to create legislature which will be more widespread and hopes to transcend the typical bureaucratic confines of class, race, age, and gender bias.

In the test phase, the venture turned in to something like a badly organized group project; where everyone keeps making changes and no one knows who changed what.

Initially the new test-bill was focused around environmental issues, but as usual with government, that was greatly overshadowed by trivial semantics. The bill has recently been highjacked by a movement to mandate Canadian tuxedos as school uniforms.

The Prime Minister has admitted that this was potentially not the best idea, “at this point we’re just hoping it won’t be dominated by anything crazy like Neo Nazis, extreme wrestlers, or ovo-flexitarian-plant-based-raw vegans.”

The program is set to launch “in the near future”. Passwords will be mailed to your residence with information about how to login.


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