By: Nolan Wadsworth

GUELPH – Computing Services at Guelph have recently rolled out the new design for Courselink featuring a slick, modern aesthetic as part of a wider programme to make web-content more accessible to a new generation of University of Guelph students.

One of the key features of the new Courselink website are Stories. Bavid Daker (Alias provided protect our secret sources) (Don’t worry David Baker, lead technician Gryphcorp/country music aficionado they’ll never know it’s you!) stated in a top-secret interview with The Modern Spirit that Courselink Stories will be the hottest new way to see what your friends are up to and connect on this integrative social media learning platform.

“They’re totally not like Snapchat or Instagram stories”, says Bavid. “Those companies actually stole the idea from us. Our legal team is actually working on travelling back to 10,000 BC and stake a legal claim for Stories, so good for nothing code jockeys like Zuckerberg don’t steal it away from us,”.

When asked if the legal team had any other plans for the past, he responded by letting us know that it’s not actually as easy to find Hitler as everyone believes.


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