By: Jack Fisher

Colleges in Ontario have decided to give their students a FOURTH reading week IN A ROW!

This incredible decision obviously follows two other cool reading week freebies doled out by the College system. It all started with one reading week, but then profs wanted to be paid for that week, so they got it! Then staff realized that they could keep it up and trick the institutions into paying them again, but the Colleges wouldn’t do it.

So the staff were like “but we didn’t get a reading week” and the schools were like “fine, like, have another”

Currently, the College system is going on its fourth week of this ridiculous back-and-forth. Surprisingly, students are getting a little fed up with all the silly chitter chatter being thrown around between the staff and the administrations of their schools.

“I kinda just want to go back to class” said one student from Guelph-Humber, “I never expected this much vacation would be un-fun, but, like, come on!”

Another student, this one from Mohawk, said “I was really glad for that second reading week. I got all of my work done, but now I can’t hand it in because they just keep extending our reading week and it sucks.”

The two parties who are in conflict over the issue have not been able to come to a conclusion yet, but word on the street is that they might soon realize that their pettiness over this super-long-reading week might be negatively impacting the students they should probably get back to teaching.


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