By: Nolan Wadsworth

GUELPH – The critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan visited all corners of Guelph this past weekend as part of the location scouting process for the highly anticipated movie of 2018. The movie still does not have a name, but everyone is inexplicably “super amped”, says Chad Kreuger, son of Chad Kroger & Freddy Krueger.

The new movie will tackle subjects of layers and draws inspiration from just how deep people can get when they’re complaining about something on Overheard. In an interview with a guy who looked like Christopher Nolan from afar, but definitely not up close, he mentioned the inspiration for the film is that people complain about something, and then you get people who complain about the initial complaint. Soon follow more complaints about the subsequent complaints and god is dead. “Batman shows up at one point wearing nothing but flip flops and the mask, it’s really deep”, says Jeff, just some guy.

In other news Homecoming happened. It was neither a total disaster nor a total mind-breaking experience that absolutely everyone enjoyed all the time. On the rankings it hovered between “a halfhearted yeah cool” and “we should totally get coffee sometime & never doing that”.


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