The College of Physical and Engineering Science has changed its name.

Now referred to as CEPS (the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences) a stark removal from the former name. The College that oversees both physical sciences and Engineering sciences has decided that the Engineering program is more important to them.

“It was important to us to emphasize how much our College should sound like an STI since so many students in our College end up aquiring one” said the interim Dean of the College, Ricardo Zyntax. He added “We know that many of our students will acquire some kind of sexually transmitted infection over the course of their undergrad degree, so we figured it was easiest if our College acronym reflected that.”

The CEPS Student Council and Engineering Society are currently working on merchandise to advertise this newly recognized association between them and STIs.

Shirts and sweatpants, with a potential offer of booty shorts (depending on interest), will be available for sale with the phrases “I’m CEPSee and I know it”, “I’m bringing CEPSee back”, “CEPS fiend”, and “Practice safe CEPS” courtesy of the aforementioned student groups.

“It’s a new day for our clubs” said one of the CEPS executive “we finally get to show campus who we really are”


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