Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for Democratic presidential nominee.

This move leaves Joe Biden as the sole contenders for the position, all but guaranteeing a win at the DNC in July.

Many Sanders supporters are feeling disenfranchised and out-of-sorts about their candidate dropping out.

“I know he did it for the health of America,” said Jamie Lotus. “It’s not safe for people to go to the polls in Corona-world, and Bernie’s always got the working people in mind.”

Following the Sander’s campaign’s announcement, former Vice-President, Joe Biden released a video reaching out to young voters.

In the video, Biden attempts to low-key console young people for Bernie.

While he refers to Sander’s voters as the “youth” of America, it is worth noting that many of Sander’s supporters are millennials in their late 30s and not typically described as “youth.”

Biden ended his video by saying, “in November, I hope that you’ll all, you know. cross. I mean. The youth. Will, of course, not willy-nilly, but might… I hope y’all millennials will animal cross over to the polls. We could sure use your vote to deliver a traditional butt-whoopin’.”

While the campaign will limp onwards. It’s anybody’s guess which current President might win the election come November.


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