By: Jarin Pintana

Iniya Deol was at sears this week when she encountered a strange dilemma. She was looking at the baby clothes, when the sales clerk came over to ask if she needed any help.

This wouldn’t be an issue for most people but in this case, Deol struggled to respond. “The clerk was so pleasant. He asked me what sizes I was looking for, and when I told him ‘newborn’ he was quick to tell me how good I looked for having just delivered. In my panic to respond, I simply said thanks and tried to avoid eye contact.”

Deol said she didn’t think the clerk thought anything odd of their exchange but that internally, she was panicking immensely. The clerk, making socially appropriate small talks asked Deol about the gender of her baby. “Girl,” she responded without even thinking about it. Then he asked her about the name.

“This is where I knew I’d really gotten myself in deep. I’m not a liar, but I had to stick to my story. My bed was made, I had to lie in it. So, long story short, I told the store clerk that I had named my daughter Fukushima.” Sources say the clerk responded really politely, simply commenting on how that was a unique name choice. Many bystanders admitted to witnessing what could only be described as “the world’s most uncomfortable exchange”.

Deol was spotted nodding awkwardly through the entire conversation, choosing a few tiny t-shirts and leaving quickly thereafter.

“Anyway, the point is I lied to a store clerk about having a newborn daughter named Fukushima,” Deol conceded. “In order to avoid telling him I was buying baby clothes for my bearded dragon.” Deol concluded by saying she will be doing all future clothes shopping online.


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